Nick Leidl's live stand up show features a combination of stand up and music as he welcomes you into his unique comical world. The comedian and filmmaker has been featured on Sirius XM Radio and has opened for several headliners including Jim Norton. Nick is very active on social media and has a very big underground following centered largely around his videos with his adorable dog, Nestle, and his popular interactive live feeds on Instagram and Facebook. He has also written, directed and starred in several film projects all showcasing his fresh perspective on life.

The UnWise Guys & UnWise Guys Podcast, which Nick created and partners with his good pal Frank, has enjoyed explosive growth and a very loyal Instagram following. The duo posts frequent videos having odd conversations about all kinds of bizarre topics. Their live shows consistently sell out, with the “Udubz” always down to show their loyalty to the guys. The podcast is raw and honest and based on a true friendship. Listeners often say that the reason they love the UnWise Guys' content is because it feels like they are hanging out in the room with their friends.